Awake But Always Dreaming CD & LP Multi-Buy

Awake But Always Dreaming CD & LP Multi-Buy


Produced and recorded with long-term collaborator Erland Cooper, with orchestrations by Peel, both in their own, richly analogue studio in Shoreditch, London and at Attica Audio in County Donegal, Ireland, her new solo album Awake But Always Dreaming is a record about memory: the luminous and beautiful formation of memories and the devastating loss or slow, insidious damage to the mind.

The album has the feel of a dream where all of daily life is being expressed and decoded, from feverish rush-hours to the old sunlight of her grandmother’s fading memories. Peel switches between panoramic city images in ‘Standing On The Roof Of The World’ and the dissolving, halluci...

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Awake But Always Dreaming CD

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