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Hannah Peel

The Deceived (Original TV Soundtrack)

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Release Date: 07/08/2020

Emmy-nominated composer Hannah Peel has created a dark, atmospheric and contemporary classical soundtrack for 'The Deceived', a new 4-part psychological thriller written by Lisa McGee (Derry Girls, Being Human, The White Queen) and Tobias Beer, which aired on Channel 5 in the UK this week.

Hannah Peel drew on one of the masters of the genre as inspiration: “The TV series draws influence from many thriller classics, so I approached the music in the same way as a full film score. I’m a fan of Hitchcock and of course the incredible Bernard Herrmann scores that always leave a wonderful aural aftertaste. The obsessive romance of 'Vertigo' played on my mind a lot,” says Peel, “but 'The Birds' was my main grounding for inspiration. The use of field recordings and electronic manipulations created a unique soundscape. This really came into play for a lot of my audio source material, which I recorded on set. I spent a day on set recording sounds specific to the old house to be able to work into the soundscape of the score. Unnerving atmospheres from crystal cut glass, sub-bass creaks from the front door: with electronic manipulation they became a foundation for me to score the strings on top of.”

The 24-track album is a digital-only release on Silva Screen Records.

Knockdara 1:45 Bundle Only
I Love You I Love You 1:23 Bundle Only
Superstitious Nonsense 2:02 Bundle Only
More Than Anything In The World 3:29 Bundle Only
She's My Sister 1:20 Bundle Only
Capable Of Anything 4:12 Bundle Only
Ghosts (Part 2) 1:40 Bundle Only
Bridget McGinley 2:25 Bundle Only
I'm On My Way 2:09 Bundle Only
The Shore Cafe 1:45 Bundle Only
Night Of The Fire 0:51 Bundle Only
CCTV And Fire 2:11 Bundle Only
Morning Da 3:52 Bundle Only
What The Devil 1:49 Bundle Only
Seeing The Damage 1:39 Bundle Only
Music Box Reprised 1:57 Bundle Only
In Black And White 1:23 Bundle Only
Lighting The Fire 1:38 Bundle Only
I Saw Her 2:13 Bundle Only
Fire Bag 1:55 Bundle Only
Evidence 1:43 Bundle Only
Get Some Sleep 0:55 Bundle Only
Arriving At Knockdara 1:20 Bundle Only
Listen To Your Mother 5:20 Bundle Only