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Hannah Peel

Particles In Space

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Release Date: Jun 29, 2018

‘Particles in Space’ is a new, remixed version of Hannah Peel’s 2017 acclaimed Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia album. Each track becoming a new collaborative reimagining. 

With character Mary Casio acting as a catalyst, Hannah Peel set out on a personal mission to find new underground electronic producers and artists who would be keen to remix a colliery brass brass and synthesiser album... which in itself is a strange world to traverse.

Including artists from Northern Ireland, France, Japan and Scotland, Peel discovered a range of incredible engineers, producers and artists that are either with small independent labels or self-releasing material themselves. With a shared love for space exploration and early electronic role models like Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, this remix album reveals a selection of new artists - much like the constant discovery of new particles in our galaxy and beyond.

Particle G1 / Hannah Peel & Erland Cooper
Particle D2 / Hannah Peel & S A R A S A R A
Particle C3 / Hannah Peel & Marta Salogni
Particle B4 / Hannah Peel & Hinako Omori
Particle E5 / Hannah Peel & Arvo Party
Particle F6 / Hannah Peel & Roseau
Particle G7 / Hannah Peel & Die Hexen

Particle G1 5:49 Bundle Only
Particle D2 4:44 Bundle Only
Particle C3 7:51 Bundle Only
Particle B4 5:50 Bundle Only
Particle E5 7:59 Bundle Only
Particle F6 4:17 Bundle Only
Particle G7 6:16 Bundle Only